We're creating a country and a world with gender equality,
through public policies and the contributions and hard work
of women throughout Chile and around the world.

Discover and get inspired by the endless talent of Chilean women who, from all around the world,
are contributing with their knowledge to create a better future for the planet.


CHILE — USA “The jobs of the future will be accessible to everyone, but people must be trained for them.”

Her own story and hard work inspired this successful Chilean woman to want to improve the quality of life of people around the world, training them through her technology company to access the jobs of the future. Ximena sees technology as a chance to democratize job opportunities and contribute to equality.

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Alejandra urrutia

CHILE – AUSTRIA – USA “I dream of having a country and a world that is connected through music.”

Considering music as an agent of change, this Chilean conductor and creator of the Portillo International Music Festival and Academy and the Grand Concert for Brotherhood, aims to reach the whole world and every generation with this universal art. Beat by beat, Alejandra is opening doors for the women and musicians of the future.

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Natalia Allende

CHILE — USA — URUGUAY “To give our children and young people tools that enable them to face the future with certainty, confidence, optimism and concrete tools, is to create hope.”

Seeking to effectively create a better future for new generations, this Chilean founder and director of Design for Change Chile has been working with thousands of children throughout the country. For almost 10 years, she has been providing them with tools to become the protagonists of their own education and agents of change for the world.

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Olga Barbosa

CHILE — USA “We look for ways to make production and biodiversity conservation compatible.”

Always connected to nature, this Chilean innovator is creating new conservation models for Chile and the world. She is demonstrating that, through a creative and collaborative approach, it is possible to make industrial wine production and agriculture compatible with the protection of our planet's biodiversity.

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Alejandra Castro

Physicist and Mathematician
CHILE — USA — CANADA — NETHERLANDS — UK “It’s not a single individual that can make an impact… it’s the collective.”

A passion for theoretical physics, the study of black holes and academia have led this Chilean scientist to become a leading figure throughout the world. Traveling from one corner of the planet to another, Alejandra is sharing her knowledge with the next generation and inspiring the scientists of the future.

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Isabel Guerrero

Economist and psychoanalyst
CHILE — USA — UK — INDIA “My work is for the future. My work is for the next generations.”

With the aim of improving the quality of life of communities around the world, Isabel founded IMAGO after 31 years working for the World Bank in various countries. Through the organization, she contributes her experience and knowledge to empower agents of change and help projects that seek to overcome poverty.

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Devanna de la Puente

Gender advisor for the un verification mission in colombia
CHILE — COLOMBIA “… and I believe that wherever I go and wherever I carry that voice, however complicated it may be, I am contributing to changing the world.”

With the aim of empowering the women of the world and seeing them become decision-makers in many different areas, this Chilean, who left the country at the age of 17, has traveled the planet protecting women and young women's rights in conflict zones and humanitarian crises to create a better future through más equal, fair and peaceful societies.

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Loretxu García

Developer, CEO of Matrix Building
CHILE — ESPAÑA “… I want to help make the world a better place and I believe that we are going to achieve it.”

Inspired by her experience of motherhood, this Chilean entrepreneur created the “Water House.” It is an innovative construction system with which she can improve the quality of life and sustainability of homes in Chile and Spain, as well as open the way for female talent around the world in an industry usually considered masculine.

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Komal Dadlani

CEO and cofounder of Lab4U
CHILE — USA — MEXICO “… I’m optimistic that there will be many more women solving humanity’s great problems…”.

Get inspired by the story of the Chilean biochemist who, through her Lab4U start-up, is democratizing access to science, so that young students from Chile, Mexico, the United States and the whole world can run a scientific laboratory on their own smartphones.

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Polly Cevallos

Founding director jane goodall institure australia

Inspired by conservation work, and after meeting Jane Goodall in 1989, this Chilean zoologist is generating a positive impact in communities around the world, through an educational program that involves and teaches young people in more than 130 countries about conservation, care for the environment and sustainable living.

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As part of Women's Month, we have invited females illustrators and females writers to pay tribute to eight great Chilean women who, through their passion, strength, and talent, are creating future.

We invite you to share the documentary perspective of 3 renown local directors who portray a group of talented Chilean women creating future for Chile and the world.

Our land is generous, yet also challenging. It puts us to the test every day, forging within us a collaborative, innovative and resilient character.

Chilean Women
creating future

With the participation of:

Fernanda Contreras - Co-founder of Gamaga

Graciela Huinao - Mapuche Writer

Komal Dadlani - Founder of Lab4You

Directed by:

Constanza Fernández

Graduated in Economics from Universidad Católica.

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Episode 3

Chilean Women
creating future

With the participation of:

Paula Jofré - Astrophysicist

Carolina Bazán - Chef

Fernanda Vicente - General Manager and cofounder of association of women Mujeres del Pacífico

Directed by:

Claudia Barril

Claudia holds a degree in Sociology from Universidad de Chile with a Postgraduate Diploma in Sociology and credits towards her doctorate.


Episode 2

Chilean Women
creating future

With the participation of:

Voluspa Jarpa - Visual Arts

Isabel Behncke - Primatologist

Julieta Martínez - Founder of Tremendas

Directed by:

Tana Gilbert

Tana is a filmmaker who graduated from Universidad de Chile and has a diploma in aesthetics and philosophy from Universidad Católica de Chile.


Episode 1


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