24 April 2015

Chile is one of the best countries in the world to do business

According to the prestigious Forbes magazine, Chile is ranked 30 in the worldwide “Best Countries for Business” ranking, and first among Latin American countries.

Marked by its high foreign trade level and good reputation in terms of its strong financial institutions and policies, Chile took 1st place in the 2015 Latin America ranking of the best countries for doing business, according to Forbes.

Chile’s economic and investment conditions have been crucial in the making of the best evaluated economy in the continent according to the study that highlights the best countries to do business in. In global terms, our country was positioned in place 30, followed by Uruguay (51), Costa Rica (52), Mexico (53) and Peru (55).

The American publication evaluated 144 countries in the categories of property rights, innovation, taxes, technology, corruption, freedom (personal and monetary), bureaucracy, investment protection and stock market. Meanwhile, the data was obtained from institutions related to each factor to be considered, including the Heritage FoundationFreedom HouseWorld Economic Forum, the World Bank and International Transparency, among other organizations.

Leading the ranking for the second time in a row is Denmark, a country that has won the first place on 6 occasions in the last ten years. Europe tops the list with seven countries within the “top ten”, while the United States drops for the sixth consecutive time from 18th to 22nd. The fall of the American giant is due to its low indicators in terms of monetary freedom and bureaucracy.

Other highlighted countries in the list were New Zealand (2nd), Norway (3rd), Ireland (4th) and Sweden (5th), while some of the developed countries under Chile were Spain (32nd), South Korea (33), Malaysia (34) and Italy (35th).


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Chile: a land favorable for developing renewable energy

Fossil fuels are one of the main causes of climate change around the world. That is why transitioning to a renewable energy matrix is a concrete way of halting and reversing environmental damage.

Chile, a foreign investment hub for technology

Despite being located at the far end of the planet, Chile has developed numerous ways of staying connected with the world. Perhaps this is due to that spirit of exploration that inspired Magellan on his epic journey, kick-starting globalization through our territory 500 years ago; a spirit that today beats in us stronger than ever.

Solar Powerplant will supply Google’s data center in Chile

Located in Atacama, the photovoltaic plant will be the largest in Latin America and will produce 500 gw of solar power to feed Google’s data center.