6 March 2016

Chilean animation after the Oscars

The industry of animation in Chile had a major boost thanks to the Oscar Award given to Gabriel Osorio and Patricio Escala this year. No shortage of projects, and expectations are growing.

During his visit to La Moneda, Patricio Escala – producer of “Bear Story” – commented that the near future and next step for Punkrobot Studio: “I don’t know if (the next film) will be the expansion of Bear Story, but that’s the way to go. We also have other projects to work in and the idea is to find the ecosystem to attract private and foreign investors for a film. I can say for now, in a concrete way, that we are working on two new series and hope to be supported by Chilean TV networks. We are also supporting the development of the animated tape ‘Nahuel and the magical book’, which was benefited with funds this year”.

The plans of the Oscar winner Studio go hand-in-hand with the projection of the success that led to the Academy award, which opens the door to greater opportunities for Chilean animation. A field that is in permanent search for development and resources, which today acquires unprecedented visibility. In this regard, Pablo Christiny – executive director of the Audiovisual Festival for Children (FAN) Chile – told El Mostrador about his confidence that “this triumph will encourage a greater public and more private investment, allowing the definitive take off for animation and particularly children’s content in our country”.

For Christiny, “Bear Story” is a historical triumph as “it shows that small independent studios from the far corner of the world, can make quality productions that are able to compete and defeat major studios such as Pixar”. Erwin Gómez, director of the Animation Festival Chilemonos, shares this enthusiasm: “for us the future has finally begun, for so many years Chilean animation has struggled to grow and transform into an industry and today, thanks to this magical film, which defeated the giants, we are one step closer to our dreams”.

The same Foundation, Chilemonos, recently formed an exclusive alliance with Cartoon Network, consolidating itself within the industry. For the first time, the non-profit organization will develop the contest “New Series of Animation for Cartoon Network”, an instance where ideas will be presented in a short animation format for Latin American. The winner will get three thousand dollars and the possibility of developing their project with this great international chain.

Currently, the Chilean Association of Animation (Animachi) is composed of 17 studios and 10 registered freelance professionals, who are dedicated to the production of animated content in 2D or 3D. It is mostly young professionals coming from the field of graphic design and, more recently, from the specialized field of digital animation that already offers several Chilean universities and research centers. With a rising number of members, the projects keep on increasing and growing.


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