8 October 2020

Chile’s enormous potential for developing green hydrogen

 Production of what is being called the “fuel of the future” will be key to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

A water molecule is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Through a chemical process known as electrolysis, the hydrogen atom can be separated from the water molecule and used as fuel. When this process is fed by renewable energy, it produces what is known as green hydrogen — a clean, zero-emission fuel that is environmentally friendly.

Chile has great potential for developing green hydrogen thanks to our country’s increasingly renewable energy matrix. This matrix is the result of Chile’s tremendous natural resources for generating solar and wind power, such as the Atacama Desert in the north and the winds blowing along our thousands of kilometers of coastline.

Green hydrogen, also known as the “fuel of the future”, will play a fundamental role in achieving Chile’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. Estimates suggest this power source could mitigate carbon dioxide emissions by between 17% and 27% by that date and will help us reduce our dependence on fossil fuels like oil and gas.

According to the Energy Ministry, the domestic green hydrogen industry could become a new hub of progress for Chile, similar to today’s copper industry. Currently, the government is working on a National Green Hydrogen Strategy, to be presented in November. Once unveiled, Chile will join the small group of countries with a road map on this topic, which is key for sustainable economic development and environmental protection.



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Richness and diversity in traditional Chilean architecture

The first Monday in October is World Architecture Day, created by the International Union of Architects (UIA) to highlight the responsibility of architects in the development of cities.

6 playlists to celebrate Chilean Music Day

Chile comes across loud and clear through its music and that’s why every October 5th we celebrate “Chilean Music and Musicians Day”. Today we invite you to mark this date with a selection of Chile’s best songs and performers. 

Chile, a foreign investment hub for technology

Despite being located at the far end of the planet, Chile has developed numerous ways of staying connected with the world. Perhaps this is due to that spirit of exploration that inspired Magellan on his epic journey, kick-starting globalization through our territory 500 years ago; a spirit that today beats in us stronger than ever.

La Cueca: A Reflection of Our Great Cultural Diversity

With its multicultural and diverse origins, the cueca became Chile’s national dance on September 18, 1979 because it was the dance that had the greatest national presence and historical meaning.  Cueca is danced in different corners of the country, and each geographic area has its own choreographic and musical variations and adaptations. Our cultural wealth and diversity is expressed in the different types of cueca that exist throughout Chile.

In a mining country like Chile, become a Mining Engineer

With the richness of our subsoil, the large investment in mining projects and universities of academic excellence, Chile is the perfect place to study majors related to mining.

International Day Of Clean Air: Electromobility takes to the streets of Santiago

At present, Chile has a bigger fleet of electric buses than any other American or European city.

Chile’s booming video game industry

Not even the pandemic has been able to halt the progress of video games in Chile, a creative industry that is gaining more fans every year both at home and abroad.

Eclipse 2020: venha se conectar com o poder da natureza

Em julho do ano passado, o mundo todo voltou o olhar para o Chile. Um eclipse solar total pôde ser vivenciado no norte do país. Um espetáculo impressionante no céu mais limpo do planeta.

Este ano, a natureza nos surpreenderá novamente. No dia 14 de dezembro, a região de La Araucanía, no sul do país, vai se transformar em um observatório natural: sobre as montanhas imponentes e os verdes infinitos da região, envolvido na sabedoria e na magia dos povos originários, haverá um novo eclipse solar total.

Convidamos você para esta experiência sem igual, para se conectar com o poder da natureza.

Mais informação: www.marcachile.cl/eclipse2020/en/