Imagen de Chile is the organization responsible for promoting Chile’s image around the world, which it does through nation branding. It is a private-public entity created in 2009.

The foundation builds Brand Chile, by coordinating efforts in all those areas that make significant contributions to the country’s image, such as culture, sports, exports, investment, tourism and international relations, among others.

This is accomplished by forming alliances with actors from both the public and private sectors in order to synchronize the message regarding Chile and to implement measures that promote our country’s distinctive attributes.

Our mission is to promote Chile’s image around the world and to improve its competitiveness through our management of the country brand.

Our goal is to contribute to the development of opportunities for Chile and Chileans, boosting our international recognition and reputation.


Promover la imagen de Chile a nivel internacional para contribuir a su competitividad a través de la gestión de la marca país.


Existimos para contribuir al desarrollo de oportunidades para Chile y los chilenos, fortaleciendo su reconocimiento y valoración internacional.


Commitment and
Sense of Nation

We are moved by a desire to contribute to the country’s development, creating more opportunities for its residents and production sectors.


Innovation and Creativity

We want to encourage others to share our passion for the country’s image, seeking out new perspectives and ways of working to make an impact on our scope of action.



Our work is generous and collaborative. We promote team work and form networks that incorporate others in order to achieve the best results.


Pursuit of

We are driven by quality. We want all of the initiatives we implement to improve over time and generate lessons that we can learn from.


Imagen de Chile is run by a multidisciplinary team. The foundation relies upon a highly-qualified board of directors, chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and comprised of representatives from the public and private sectors, to help carry out its important role and to look for support in strategic decision-making.


The main responsibility of Imagen de Chile is brand management in order to boost Chile’s image and improve spontaneous appreciation of the country by non-Chileans. This is done by designing and implementing a coordinated strategy that highlights Chile’s unique and competitive identity, combining trade, economic, cultural, political and social aspects.

This strategy involves activities designed to help position the country such as marketing campaigns, trend analyses, studies, expert consulting services for stakeholders and cross-sector coordination between public and private institutions. These activities serve to build the country’s image both within and outside of Chile.

The goods and services provided by the foundation are built upon its expertise in brand management and are centered around:

Strategic alliances

Working plans that successfully bring together various public actors to spread a unified message regarding Chile that creates a competitive identity.

Program for use of the brand

Granting permission to incorporate the nation brand into goods, services and/or events that are consistent with defined brand characteristics.

Campaigns and activities within Chile and abroad

Designing activities that successfully underscore the distinctive attributes of the country.


Consulting services on the use of the nation brand:

Designing promotional activities, creative concepts and/or communications for strategic partners or third parties that convey a sense of the country in keeping with the strategy employed by Brand Chile.


Trend analysis

Monitoring and analysis of how Chile is perceived in global studies and the foreign press.

Foreign media initiatives

Continual generation of content for official digital communities, focusing on Chile and abroad.

Digital marketing

Content generation in official digital communities, with a focus on Chile and abroad. See

Audiovisual material development

Over 500 videos pertaining to Chile on YouTube and a photograph library with more than 4,000 images of the country.