28 July 2015

Imagen de Chile launches new app to observe the universe through images captured in Chile

Imagen de Chile launched the second version of Chile Mobile Observatory, which gathers more than 300 images captured by some of the most powerful observatories located in Chile.

Imagen de Chile launched the latest version of the mobile app Chile Mobile Observatory, which gathers amazing images captured by different observatories located in Chile.

CMO seeks to enhance the value and share the country’s astronomical heritage with Chileans and people from all over the world. In order to achieve this, the app allows users to download and share images in their social media accounts. Users can also pin their favorite images and use them as wallpaper on their mobile devices.

“Chile has turned into the world’s astronomical platform, due to the incomparable conditions its skies represent for astronomical observation. The installation of global projects in Chilean soil not only places us as a developing power in terms of science, but it also opens great opportunities for astronomical tourism,” said Myriam Gómez, executive director of Imagen de Chile.

She also added that projects like CMO also seek to take advantage of “work areas of our country that are not as visible as others but do have a great impact on the image the country projects. The presence of observatories entails a great scientific contribution to the world and it is another reason to look at Chile as a scientific destination”.

The new version of the app, now available for iOS and Android systems, incorporates 300 images captured by the biggest observatories on Earth –like the ALMA complex– that are located in Chile. The project also has the support of institutions like ESO and CATA. In addition, the available material has been selected and described directly by the astronomers in charge of their caption. The app showcases fascinating images of stars, nebulas, and galaxies.

It is worth mentioning that Chile has consolidated as a pole of development in the field of astronomy and the country is expected to concentrate around 70% of the astronomical infrastructure of the world by 2020.

It is also relevant to note the attention the app has drawn, reaching over 50.000 downloads on Google Play. Moreover, CMO has generated international interest, which confirms what the download figures show: 32% have come from Chile, 17% from the USA and 11% from Germany. A little far behind are the ones coming from Mexico, the United Kingdom and Spain.

More information available at: http://www.chilemobileobservatory.com/



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