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Chilean Cuisine Mobile App Wins New International Award

Chilean Cuisine Mobile App Wins New International Award | Marca Chile

The 2016 Best Mobile App Awards recognized “Recetas de Chile”, mobile app developed by Imagen de Chile, with the Silver Award for Best Social / Lifestyle AppThe awarding organization has been from its beginnings a platform that seeks to gather and recognize “the best mobile apps available on the market.”

The app seeks to promote Chile’s typical preparations and the culinary heritage of Latin America, putting gastronomy at the core of the country’s national culture. “Recetas de Chile” is divided into 5 categories: Starters, Salads, Main Dishes, Sandwiches, Desserts; the app also includes information on the difficulty and time of preparation for each recipe. Some of the traditional dishes included are: cazuelas, chupes, stews, cancato, humita and pulmay; but it also considers options like llama meat jerky empanada, cochayuyo pebre (a traditional sauce), among others.

The app can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS devices in their respective official stores. Since it was released, “Recetas de Chile” has been downloaded more than 70,000 times. This award adds to the recent triumph of the app in 5 categories in the MobileWebAwards, recognition given by the Web Marketing Association. In these awards, “Recetas de Chile” won as Best App of the Food Industry, as well as Best App of Information Services, Non-Profit, Drinks & Leisure.

Imagen de Chile’s Executive Director, Myriam Gómez, said that “we are seeing how Chileans are identifying with our cuisine more and more”. She added: “We are convinced that culinary development helps in the projection of multiple aspects of our identity such as our diversity, our culture, our commitment to growth which characterizes Chileans”.

The commitment to position gastronomy as part of Chile’s national culture is not only reflected in the success of “Recetas de Chile,” but it can also be seen in new projects. With the aim of continue captivating audiences through cuisine, Imagen de Chile recently launched “Chile Sandwiches”, a mobile app that gathers more than 30 preparations in English and Spanish. The app seeks to promote among different audiences the sandwich culture that is present across Chile.


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