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Which are Chile’s most amazing sandwiches?

Which are Chile’s most amazing sandwiches? | Marca Chile

Two years ago Time magazine chose Chile’s traditional chacarero, the delicious sandwich made of beef, green beans, tomato slices and green chili, as one of the most amazing sandwiches of the world. The list noted its low cost (USD $7, or $4000 Chilean pesos) and the popularity of this sandwich in the country.

However, chacarero is not alone and Chile’s gastronomy has a wide variety of sandwiches. This is why we decided to make a list of seven other traditional sandwiches that could deserve the name of the most amazing Chilean sandwich, whether for its originality or its delicious simplicity.
Warning: you shouldn’t read this article if you’re hungry.

Barros Luco: This sandwich owes its name to Ramón Barros Luco, President of Chile from 1910 to 1915. He was a regular of Club de la Unión (a gentlemen’s club in Santiago) and he always asked the cook to make him a sandwich made of beef with cheese melted on top. The simplicity of the sandwich makes it pefect for any time of the day: some enjoy one at lunch, but you will always find someone that prefers it for breakfast.

Chemilico: A more sophisticated, but equally as simple as the Barros Luco, Chemilico is made of grilled meat with a fried egg on top, between, of course, two slices of bread. The key to Chemilico’s preparation is the egg yolk. It has to be precisely cooked so it breaks and spreads over the rest of the sandwich’s ingredients.

Barros Jarpa: Another sandwich named after a Chilean politician. Ernesto Barros Jarpa was a lawyer and Foreign Minister that was a regular of Club de la Unión as well. It is said that he was always in a hurry, so he asked for a sandwich that was easier to cook than the popular Barros Luco. Instead of beef, he asked for ham slices to accompany the melted cheese and the toasts.

Sándiwch de potito: This sandwich is famous for its popularity at Estadio Nacional after soccer games. Why is it called “de potito”? Well, its main ingredient is the meat that comes from the rectum and tripes of the cow or the pig. The meat is cooked in a type of wok and cut in fine slices that are accompanied by fried onion, chili and the bread, of course.

Lomito: Probably one of the most popular sandwiches in Chile. Tender filleted pork slices are accompanied by sauerkraut, crowned by fresh tomato slices and covered in bread. That is the classic version. The “Italian” version has tomato, avocado and mayonnaise.

Completos: No list of amazing Chileans sandwiches is complete without the completos. The local version of the hot dogs are famous for having way more ingredients than their international counterparts. Bread and a hot dog, of course, with sauerkraut, salsa americana (a mix of pickled onions, carrots and pickles), tomato and mayonnaise, for the original completo; or avocado, tomato and mayonnaise for the “Italian” version, the two most common ways to prepare this sandwich.

Churrasco marino: its name may not be well known all over Chile, but for the people of the Coquimbo region, is a classic. A sandwich that is prepared in a typical chilean bread, marraqueta, and that has fried fish and a salad made out of tomatoes, onion and green chili (known as ensalada chilena, Chilean salad). No doubt it makes for a sublime culinary experience.

Do you have any favourite Chilean sandwiches you think we should add to the list?


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