29 May 2020

#MadebyChileans: 8 Chilean innovations designed to address the coronavirus

While there may still be many questions about the coronavirus and we learn something new about it every day, one thing is for sure: around the world we are all together trying to fight this pandemic on different fronts. One of them is technology and the Chileans have realized that in this field innovation cannot wait. Get to know some of them here!

Alpacas help to confront the global health crisis
A group of scientists from the Universidad Austral de Chile’s Medical Biotechnology Laboratory, led by Dr. Alejandro Rojas, have found an antibody in alpacas that they consider to be the strongest in the world for fighting the coronavirus. Alpaca and other camelid antibodies are simpler than those of other mammals. As a result, genetic information can be extracted from just one very small drop of blood. The gene can then be isolated and produced in bioreactors in an unlimited manner. The team’s goal is to create an antiviral nasal spray that would neutralize COVID-19 in humans.

A coronavirus vaccine
Chilean researcher Alexis Kalergis and his team are working on a prototype vaccine that could fight the COVID-19 virus. Preclinical trials are currently underway and human trials should begin early next year. Chile is one of a select group of countries that are working to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus, demonstrating the value of Chilean talent, innovation and scientific activity.

Disinfecting spaces with ozone
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the ideas have never stopped flowing. The Universidad Católica’s Electrical Engineering Department has developed a low-cost ozone generator prototype that quickly disinfects spaces such as ambulances, operating theaters and medical and dental treatment rooms. Ozone can cover the entire area, eliminating any presence of the coronavirus.
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Chilean talent adapts to times of health crisis
The Chilean textile firm Monarch, known for its stockings, socks and underwear, ceased production completely in early March in order to dedicate itself one hundred per cent to manufacturing reusable masks and thus provide one kind of support during this health crisis that we are going through. In addition to trying to keep its workers in employment, this initiative also sought to continue along the path Monarch has been taking in using copper in its garments. Thanks to copper’s antibacterial power, when these masks made with copper fiber come into contact with warmth and humidity, they generate copper ions that eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and mold
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Supporting medical personnel with water-soluble solutions
Solubag, who created the bags that dissolve in water, have developed a laundry bag that means that makes it possible to avoid touching the clothes of people who are potentially infected with the coronavirus. As they are 100% water soluble, they can be put into the washing machine without you needing to touch the garments, thereby decreasing contagion in hospitals and clinics. In this way, they protect people’s health and the environment.
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Modular hospitals provide support during the emergency situation
This was the idea that moved Hobe, a start-up that is well-known and recognized for making cabins for different purposes, such as hostels, and now, because of the global crisis, hospital cabins that will help to isolate infected patients using the latest in cleaning technology that constantly purifies and disinfects the air.
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A face shield for everyone
Universidad de Chile’s Digital Manufacturing Laboratory (FabLab) has created and released a model for a face shield that can be 3D-printed and used to help protect against COVID-19. The surgical masks are the item in shortest supply during a crisis and, with this in mind, Fablab responded to the need by designing a face shield that is low-cost, compostable and free for anyone to print and use. Furthermore, they are looking to generate a strategy for large-scale manufacture as the second stage in their project to combat the coronavirus.
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Copper as a key element against the coronavirus
Coure is a family business that makes various products containing copper but during this period of quarantine, the sale of one particular product has shot up: that of reusable masks. They are made with an antibacterial fabric with copper threads that they have patented as CoureTex and they have already sold millions in Europe, China and countries around the region. Their innovation has been so well received that it has been covered by different technology media.
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