April 20, 2021 | News of Chile in the World

“The Mole Agent” is on a mission to the Oscars

“The Mole Agent” is on a mission to the Oscars | Marca Chile

Sergio Chamy, the star of the Chilean film that will compete for the Academy Award for Best Documentary on Sunday, published a photo on his Instagram account on Monday in which he appears on a plane with a mask and a face shield, on his way to Hollywood. It’s the first time he leaves Chile, he said.

“I’ve embarked on a new mission. Today I’m taking my first trip and I’m going to Los Angeles to represent The Mole Agent at the Oscars. I want to represent everyone who knows that at this stage of life we can start over again and that it’s never too late for anything. And to those who don’t believe so, to motivate them”.

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