Rapa Nui Pianist and Performer

Rapa Nui performer Mahani Teave is not only Easter Island’s first concert musician. She is also one of Latin America’s most prolific pianists and the first Chilean artist to have a number one record on Billboard, which she achieved with her album “Odisea en Rapa Nui” in 2021.

The winner of national and international awards, Mahani currently manages crowdfunding campaigns, travels the world playing benefit concerts and manages alliances in order to increase visibility and funding for promoting the music and culture of Easter Island.

Together with other young people from the island, she created an NGO in 2013 and a free music school named Toki Rapa Nui. Built out of trash -including cans, bottles and plastic- rescued from the Pacific Ocean, the school has nearly 100 Rapa Nui students. Mahani personally teaches them about the island’s art, music and traditional culture.

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