Doctor in Cell Biology from the U. of California

Sebastián Bernales holds a degree in Biochemistry from the Universidad Católica de Chile and earned his doctorate and served as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF). His first contributions to science were in the area of cellular biology, specifically the process of learning how cells react to the accumulation of unfolded proteins and control organelles’ homeostasis.

He joined the California-based biotech firm Medivation Inc. in 2007. His last position in the company was Vice President of Discovery Biology. Medivation was acquired by Pfizer in 2006. Prior to that, it was a bio-pharmaceutical company focused on the development and sale of medically innovative therapies for treating serious diseases, including XTANDI (enzalutamide), an approved inhibitor of the androgen receptor used to treat prostate cancer.

Sebastián is the co-founder of various biotech companies, including Praxis, Merken, Metagenomi, Medzyme and Kreas, and has advised others, such as NotCo, Levita, Miroculus, Epiphany and Mikrovia.

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